Does your friend have bad breath? Do you have a work colleague who’s general presence makes you want to brick your own head in?

Are you too scared to tell them incase you upset them and you generally cannot be bothered with the awkward confrontation? but at the same time you know it would be helping them out in the long term?

What better time to give them the gift of a new well-liked, less smelly life than at Easter! There is no better way to deliver your awkward criticism than on a cute little note and then enclosing it inside a neatly packaged, beautifully decorated, tasty chocolate egg.

Below are a list of some example notes you can enclose in your egg this year:


Tinder Egg Surprise. . . You have Chlamydia


Happy Easter.I’m sorry but I cannot see you again. I’ve had better conversations with a Lindt Easter Bunny. I hope you can too, please find enclosed.

Happy Easter. I hope you enjoy this tasty chocolate rabbit. Just a reminder these walls are thin and I can hear you masturbating aggressively most evenings.


Happy Easter. I’ve walked over you so much I now need a new knee. Can we walk together again?

Happy Easter. I live next door. you might want to close your curtains. I can see your boobs.

Happy Easter. Your breath smells so bad that when you speak to me I am worried I may go blind

Happy Easter. I hope you enjoy this tasty chocolate egg. Talking of egg’s I’m pregnant and it’s not yours.

Happy Easter. You got your period on the sofa. I’ve covered it with a pillow. . . There are sponges under the sink.

easter egg surprise gifts oral sex

Happy Easter. Seeing as you never go down on me, you can practise on this Cadbury’s Crème Egg

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