Barry Amscomb was on a short day flight back from Majorca, when he said he kept feeling a cold, sharp breeze on the top of his bald head.

Sandra Morgan sitting behind Peter said she didn’t think it was right for him to be reclining his chair back and sleeping on a short daytime flight.

He’s probably just been sunning himself on a sun lounger for 2 weeks, why does he need to sleep on the plane too?

She explained that she was feeling irritable and frustrated on the cramped flight and was desperately trying to relax

One minute I was watching The Mummy Returns and the next minute his bald head’s in my face.

Sandra said she wanted to avoid any confrontation and didn’t want to create a scene and so instead she decided to just blow on his bald patch.

Peter said at first he thought it was the air con and he called an Air Hostess over to check it out but it all seemed to be switched off. However the breeze kept coming.

It was making my head itchy and giving me the willies.

He was playing around with the nozzles for a considerable amount of time when one of the Cabin Crew caught Sandra going in for another blow and she was immediately escorted to the front of the plane.

Sandra said she tried to justify the blowing by saying she was just blowing away some dust, but the cabin crew were having none of it. Sandra avoided being arrested for harassment but was given a warning and put on a connecting flight.

Despite all of this however, she said it was the most satisfying head she had ever blown, as at least she managed to interrupt his sleeping.

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