Lilian Firth from Cardiff said she joined Tinder three months ago, to find love after being single for over eight years. She said she was feeling lonely and wanted to find a man who she could share her life with.

She started chatting to a 35 year old man called Michael. He seemed really sweet and he liked cheese, which is my favourite food and after 5 days of flirting on Tinder I gave him my number and we moved to WhatsApp to arrange a date.

We met at Zizzi’s and the date was lovely we had a lot in common and I really fancied him. He was a true gentleman and made me feel special. He seemed fit and said he did a lot of walking. He did also mention he worked for the local Council but he didn’t mention which department and I just never thought to ask. She said after the date she dropped him home and thing’s got a bit steamy between them in the car and he asked her if she wanted to come up to his flat for a night cap.

In the heat of their passionate embrace she said she didn’t think to check the parking restrictions outside the property.

The next morning they both woke up late and when he noticed her car parked on the double yellow outside, he issued her a penalty ticket.

He came out of the flat wearing his uniform and I couldn’t believe it. He leaned in to give me a kiss goodbye and at the same time hands me a ticket. Lilian said she was mortified and argued with him that this had happened because they slept together to which he responded saying he said he likes to keep work separate.

She said she wouldn’t have bothered going in for the sex if she had of known she would be fined for it.

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