Susan Cole from Watford said she was trying hard to loose the excess weight she had put on gradually after splitting up with her boyfriend of 7 years. I just couldn’t stop eating. I found sugary snacks and pasta extremely comforting and just couldn’t get enough.

I tried the gym but it’s too hard and it made my body hurt which doesn’t seem right to me? My friend’s were trying to help me too but it just got to a point where I was eating my kebabs in the shower so people couldn’t see me scoffing it in my gob and I could also immediately wash away the evidence.

It’s like I wanted to look slimmer but I just think it’s a lot more enjoyable eating cakes and not exercising than it is to sweat your guts out on a treadmill.

Everything changed for good when she went to her final weighing with Weight Watchers.

When I looked down at the scales and I saw I had gone up to 15 stone I felt really sick and uneasy about weighing an uneven number. It just didn’t feel right. I’ve always been a superstitious person and I have always weighed an even number so I was worried I could be on an unlucky path going forward. My natural weight was always around 12 stone and life was pretty steady, now weighing in at 15 stone, this could mean my luck would change.

I also knew I couldn’t go down to 14 as that’s my unlucky number so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I had to make a choice then and there to go up to 16 stone, just to balance it out until I decided where to go from there.

There were also other smaller factors that made it difficult to loose the weight and so many obstacles to tackle, like at the time Tesco were selling 6 Krispy Kreme’s for a fiver.

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