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You’ve had your first booking and you’re all ready to go! You’ve de-cluttered, cleaned and booked your holiday abroad! Here are ten tips to ensure your place is ready for your guests arrival:

  1. House manual – Leave a manual for your guests explaining how to use everything in the property i.e. the wifi, gas fire, TV, Alexa etc. Also list how you would like the place to be left when they leave, towels and linens in the bath tub, light’s off and doors locked.
  1. Local recommendations – I always like to leave leaflets and cards for the best restaurants, spa’s, shops, salons and pubs in the local area. You can add these to your hamper and list them in your house manual.
  1. Keys – Give a spare key to a neighbour! It’s happened to me so many times, that guests have misplaced keys, so always leave a spare with a friend or neighbour. You don’t want to have to fly back from sunning yourself in Benidorm just to open the door. Also don’t forget to place the keys for your guests in the lock box or ‘safe place’ so they can gain access easily themselves.
  1. Fridge – It’s always a nice touch to leave some milk and butter in the fridge. If you have any other food left over in the kitchen, then let the guests know if they can help themselves to this or not.
  1. Hamper – Your guests are usually tired from travelling to you, so leave some different tea’s in the hamper so they can have a cuppa on arrival and anything else you think might make your guests stay that little bit more enjoyable. It’s also a good idea to leave stuff that your guests might need but didn’t think to bring, like an umbrella, a phone charger, a card game or a good book.
  1. Dog stuff – If your guests are bringing their dog then you could also leave some dog treats in the hamper, it’s always nice to make our canine friends feels welcome too!
  1. Bathroom – Always leave clean towels and shampoo/ conditioner/ shower gel. I ask my guest’s to use them but leave the bottles, so that I can re-use them and do my small bit for the planet! Leave extra towels and bed linen if your guests are staying for longer than three weeks.
  1. Heating – Make sure your heating is on a timer as doing this in advance, saves your guests having to fiddle with it and you can ensure you’re being as economical as possible.
  1. Hide away anything you don’t want the guests to see or find in a locked cupboard, old diaries, dirty underwear or your porn collection.
  1. Lastly take a picture of the place before you leave so you can check when you get back that everything is where you left it and in the right place!

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