wasps tips advice


  1. Try planting, thyme, lemongrass, sage, mint and Eucalyptus around your garden, they hate all of these and won’t come near. Mint grows fast and big so if you plant this on your windowsill it will become a big bush in no time and it will stop the pricks from flying inside.
  2. Rub Peppermint oil over your dining area, they hate the smell. You can also mix the peppermint with water and rub it over yourself when outside.
  3. You can create a wasp deterrant spray for outside using all of the above as essential oils, also add in Clove and geranium, another two smells they detest.
  4. Buy a fake wasps nest – Wasps are very territorial so if they see another nest they won’t come near. Check them out here
  5. Buy potent high strength citronella or Eucalyptus candles and use outside. Even better burn the same scent as insence, It’s stronger and smokey so will help keep them away. These are good.
  6. You can buy these really pretty colourful glass jars to use as a wasp trap, just hang them around outside and add diluted vinegar or a sugary liquid and they will be all over it but won’t be coming out of it! Check these out.
  7. Wasps want your food and your wine so try to keep food and fizzy drinks hidden and covered as much as possible and clear up everything after.
  8. Keep your recycling and bins away from your garden and outside dining area as they will be all over this if it’s messy and sticky.
  9. I know it’s hard, I am the worst for it but, killing them just makes it worse as it sends off a pheromone that attracts other wasps, so just try and deter them from the area all together.

Goodluck and I hope you have a prick free Summer!

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