Would you like your home to make you some money whilst you’re travelling with work or away on holiday? Do you have another property that’s sitting empty or not making you much money on the rental market? Perhaps you have a caravan in the woods growing mouldy or a shed at the bottom of the garden and the skills to add plumbing? Adding your property, however big, small or run-down it might be, could be an easy way to make some extra cash and maybe even build a lucrative business. 

Here’s a beginners guide to Airbnb with tips on how to test the water and get started:


  1. Do you live in a city or town that hosts lots of festivals and events throughout the year? Do you live next to a National Trust walk or land-mark? Look at what is around you and what might attract people to stay in your home. Make a list of  yearly calendar events as this will help you later when it comes to pricing.
  1. Go to and look at other properties in your area and how much they are charging per night. This will give you a good idea of how much you could potentially earn and if you think the work is worth your time.
  1. Make a list of what needs fixing or sorting in your property and how much this might cost you. Does it really need fixing? Can you get away with just sorting the problem for now until you make some money from bookings?
  1. Write up a check list of things you will need and how much this will cost:
  1. Extra bedding
  2. Extra towels
  3. Tea/ coffee/ sugar
  4. Biscuits
  5. Dog treats
  6. Shampoo/ body wash
  7. Extra cleaning products
  1. Once you know the dates of the peak seasons and events in your area book a holiday at this time!! This will give you a goal to work towards getting your listing online. Holiday + earning = I WILL 100% KEEP DOING THIS!
  1. Once you’ve decided your nightly price and you’re ready to put it online, then DECULTTER! Do a Marie Kondo and get rid of anything you haven’t used in 6 months or any items that people might not like. Throw your creepy doll collection in the bin and maximize space, organise and clean!
  1. Get fixing – fix up anything that hasn’t been working. Add in any extra bits that you think will help improve your listing; new curtains, throws, new rugs, nicer cutlery.
  1. Sort your entry – Decide how you want guests to gain access to the property. In my experience I have found that most people want to get on with stuff by themselves and don’t want to have to do a meet or greet or make small talk so, get a lock box and fit it to the front of the property. This way guests can gain access themselves and you can carry on sunning yourself wherever you are (change the code on the box often for security).
  1. Take some pictures – If you don’t want to hire a professional then take them on your phone on a sunny day and download an app like VSCO to make the pics look ultra pimp.
  1. Create a unique and eye-catching description. What makes your place stand out from the rest? Are you dog friendly? This is a huge pull as so many people travel with their pets these days. Do you have a garden? A balcony? Extra luxurious bed linen? A log fire? A view of the city? A Jeff Goldblum shower curtain? – Someone actually had this in their air bnb.
  1. Create a hamper – It’s the extra touches that really make people’s stay. Nothing too fancy, just basic things like shampoo, phone leads, umbrellas and anything the guest might need and has not thought to bring. Leave a written note (nothing weird) just saying something like, if they need anything else then they can find you in the cupboard. Joke. Don’t hide in the cupboard.
  1. Write up a manual and leave this for the guests so they know how to use everything, this will help prevent them from messaging you whilst you’re away. Also you can explain here, how you would like them to leave the property. For example; Keys back in box, bins out and used laundry in the bath.
  1. List your home online – If you’re nervous about inviting people into your home then set your listing so that guests need to send a reservation request before booking. This means you can message them first and check out their profile before confirming.  
  1. When you get an enquiry or booking, write back to people as soon as they message you, as your communication will be scored by air bnb and your prompt responses will attract other guests.
  1. Go on holiday, relax and know that your home is being looked after and that you’re earning some dollar!!
  1. Come home and leave a review. When you leave a review for your guests they will then be able to leave one for you and once you have your first review this will help to attract more guests and this way you can build your profile to superhost status and beyond!

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