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One thing getting me through lockdown is filling my mouth with cheese. Not only does it taste good but it also has therapeutic qualities, there’s something quite uplifting and relaxing about peeling the wrapper off a delicious Babybel or a Dairylea slice. 🧀

My cheesy do’s & don’t’s below;

Cheese and pineapple isn’t just for parties. Have it as much as possible. Pineapple is good for the throat and therefore allows you to consume more cheese. 🧀

A tuppaware box is the worst place for a cheese. It needs to breath and if you do decide to imprison your cheese it will punish you with it’s deathly odour when you open the box. 🧀

Don’t eat it straight from the fridge a cheese should always be served at room temperature for the full tasting experience. 🧀

Don’t eat cheese just before bed time it will seep into your dreams and terrify you. Blue cheeses are the worst for this so steer clear of Stilton, Bishops Blue or Roquefort before you hit the hay. 🧀

If you buy a whole camembert wheel and you don’t put it in the oven so that it’s center is soft and gooey, then you are an idiot. If you put it in the oven and then don’t commit to eating the entire wheel in one sitting then you are also an idiot. 🧀

Never eat cheese on a train or a plane, it doesn’t like public transport and it’s smell will quickly fill the carriage and you will be hated by all around you. 🧀

Don’t eat too much of it in one day, you will get the cheese sweats. 🧀
Don’t eat cheese before going to the hairdressers, your head will smell of cheese. 🧀

Sprinkle parmesan on everything. 🧀

Don’t leave cheese lying around near a dog, they are allergic to dairy and it will give them dangerous diarrhoea. 🧀

Spreadable cheese is for the morning’s and hard cheese is for the evenings .

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