If like me, the long winter months are spent being skint, bored and trying to kick-start some sort of detox or refraining from booze by going dry in Jan/ Feb, then below are 16 cheap décor/ DIY hacks to keep you reaching for the paint brush rather than the Chardonnay!

1. Collect all your old wine and spirit bottles, pour any left overs sown the sink. Watch it wash away, then stick some pastel coloured candles in the bottles. You can get an assortment of colours from Flying Tiger 2 for £1! Alternatively fill the bottles with LED wired fairy light’s and get ready for sprint by hanging them in the garden.

2. Let’s start by detoxing each room Marie Kondo style and get rid of anything you haven’t used or looked at in the last 4-6 months. If you put maximum energy into this, it should equate to at least one gym session you now don’t have to do!

3. Spend your evenings and weekends visiting the dump, it might not be as glamorous as sipping Champagne in a fancy restaurant, but the sheer joy of getting rid of crap from last year will give you the similar high you got after a few glasses of fizz!

4. Do something good – take all your unwanted clothes, bags and accessories to your local charity shop. Think of it as a kind of social engagement that doesn’t involve the pub.

5. If you have any paint left over from last year start planning how you can use this around your home. If you don’t have much left then look at painting a door or window frame, plant pots or a coffee table. (Check my Instagram for ideas)

6. Give your walls a lick of paint – if you don’t have enough paint for a whole wall then why not try a polka dot effect using your paint brush to create small blobs. Start off with a small section and then if it goes wrong you can just paint over – this will keep you busy for another cold winter evening!

7. Get rid of any old dusty, disfigured candles and clean out any candle pots with boiling water. Put the new candles in, light up and relax!

8. Look at ways to disguise your new storage solutions. Put bedding and linen or anything you don’t use regularly into a trunk and use the trunk as a coffee table. Whack some candles and books on top and no one will ever know it’s full of sh*t.

9. Spend an evening re-vamping half of a cabinet or cupboard – paint the top half of the cabinet and spray water over it, this way you get an awesome drip effect which can look really unique and cool and you’re only using half the paint.

10. If you need new storage solutions check out your local buy-and-sell pages on Facebook as there are so many freebies on there! Spend a weekend on a mini upcycling project.

11. Don’t just play vinyl, why not lay vinyl!! Give your kitchen cupboards a quick and easy make-over with some Jes Rose Vinyl. For £22 per meter you can cover your cupboards with so many amazing patterns and colours (you can even create your own now too) You can pretty much use it on anything around the house: tiles, cupboards, the boiler . . .re-vamp your dog’s collar (Check my Instagram for Vinyl ideas)!

jes rose vinyl home decor interior

12. Move your items around – Give your plants a holiday in a new room. Change up your ornaments and home accessories and style them differently. Put your gold pineapple to the back and bring your spotted leopard coin bank to the front and chuck in all the money you’ve saved whilst detoxing.

13. Get a sample pot of paint from B&Q and paint your picture frames in a bright colour or some neon. This is so cheap and can dramatically change the room.

14. Invest in some duck tape – The Range sells duck tape for £3 in loads of different patterns and colours. Use it to add some colour to your chairs, door frames, window frames or edges of shelves.

15. Any old pieces of wood lying about or a shelf you no longer use? Paint it or cover it in vinyl and turn it into a statement bath shelf. Then add bubbles, get in and soak. Your bath will never be boring again.

16. Brighten up your February by moving your mirrors – try them out in different rooms to see how they work with different light throughout the day.

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