I always try and go above and beyond for all my guests so that they have the best stay possible and in turn, you get a rave review and repeat bookings! I always leave a hamper along with a welcome pack. I think if your guests have been travelling all day they may be tired or stressed, so it’s nice for them to have all they might need on arrival at your Airbnb. I pack it full of useful items, things they may have forgotten to bring with them on their travels, entertainment and informative bits about the local area. See my guide below on what to put in your Airbnb hamper and ways to make it a bit EXTRA if you really want to impress your guests!;

1. I type up and print out a Welcome Pack and put this with the hamper. This explains clearly how everything works in the Airbnb and gives recommendations for the local area. (I also send this via email upon booking) Often people lose emails or signal so I have found it always good to have a hard copy as well.

EXTRA TIP – Try going into your local restaurants, cafes and pubs and see if you can arrange a special discount with them, if you promote their business through your airbnb listing and through posters/ flyers that you leave in the hamper. Then if a guest visits them they get the discount!

2. Hand sanitiser, I buy in bulk and leave in the hamper in mini bottles (you can obviously also leave this in the kitchen and the bathroom too) I ask the guests to leave any empty bottles there so I keep thing’s eco-friendly and re-use for other guests.

3. A new addition to my hamper is the face-mask. You can get some quite cheaply online and I leave a new one for each guest.

4. Always leave a phone charger or a phone charger lead (you can buy these for £1 in Poundland) you would be surprised how many people leave this at home.

5. An umbrella, as my Airbnb’s are based in the UK and let’s face it 90% of the time it rains.

6. Shampoo & conditioner again I buy a huge bottle and re-fill. Some times you can get some brands to send you sample products and you can use those. I also ask the guest’s to leave any empty shampoo bottles so I can be eco-friendly and re-use them for other guests.

7. Tea & Coffee I always leave in the kitchen but I also put some extra herbal tea’s in the hamper. Specifically, ones for detoxing, if they’re staying with you to attend a wedding or party they may need this and sleep-inducing tea’s as a lot of people struggle to sleep in a new place.

8. If the guest is bringing a baby with them or a small child I will add in some kids stuff and I will leave out plastic cutlery for them too.

9. If the guest is bringing a dog I will leave dog treats, bowls and balls.

10. Try to include some snacks from small business’ in the local area, so they can get a taste for what’s around them.

11. I leave towels neatly folded on the beds but you could also roll these up and add to the hamper.

12. I try as best I can to leave the heating on or set the heating on a timer so it’s warm for their arrival. 

13. I always try and leave some interesting books on the bedside tables or organised on the shelves. A lot of people forget to bring their book and I find a lot of guest’s who are chilling in the evening love to pick up and try a new book. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle, has always been a favourite amongst guests.

14. Leave some board games or a pack of cards. Articulate and Cards Against Humanity are always winners!

Ensure to deep clean the property before your guests arrive and wash and replace linens, towels, cutlery and toiletries.

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