Can’t be arsed with the effort to look good, exercise, eat well and keep up with all the gym goer’s on Instagram? Here are some tips to help you appear like you are a vision of wellbeing

1. Eat your kebabs in the shower. No one will see and you can wash away the evidence straight away.

2. Feeling low? Post a pic of when you were 19 and tanned on a beach. No one needs to know you haven’t left the sofa in 3 weeks

3. Keep saying Quinoa. Just keep saying it as much as you can in every conversation.

4. If for a moment you break from arguing with the other half and find yourselves randomly enjoying each others company. Capture it on camera and post it.

5. Once you’ve finished your Fish & Chips, cut up an Avocado, stick it on a plate and whack it on Instagram.

6. Buy a Yoga Matt and prop it up in your hallway. Occasionally unroll it, take pictures of it and stick it online.

7. Can’t be arsed with a pedicure. Pour the nail varnish into a bucket, lie on your front with your feet in the bucket. Wash away the excess after.

8. If you’re not feeling good enough for selfies, but you happen to see your reflection looking ok in the window of the boot of a car. Upload it. Quick.

9. Vomiting all day after a heavy night? Pour it into a glass and post it as a healthy smoothie

10. Try and smile at least once a month. If not keep saying Quinoa

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