Do you want to feel the benefits of working out without actually doing it? I have listed some tips on how to do this below.

I cannot say exactly how often you would need to do the below in order to see effects and I must also state that some of the below might in-turn increase your stress levels, but let’s just get you moving, we can worry about this after:


Try hiding the TV Remote, your house keys, your wallet, glasses anything that will get you running around, searching about and reaching high and low. Think of it as mini circuit training.

Exercise Benefits: fat burning

45-100 kcal – depending on how quickly you find them


This really leads on from the above. if you want a way to ditch your usual sluggish stroll then you gotta be late. You want to be running out the door, for the bus to the shops or down the pub. Tip: Be sure to carry deodorant at all times. You could lose this too for an extra work out (see above)

Exercise Benefits: fat burning

60-180 kcal – depending on how quickly you get there


One of the best movements for fat burning and your muscles is getting up and down. So fall over as you normally would when intoxicated, but ensure to keep getting yourself back up. You should, in time see an improvement in your core strength.

Exercise Benefits: strengthening the core

50-80 kcal


Who needs the dumbbells in the gym when you’ve got a weeks worth of what you’ve eaten in two black bin liners? Carrying your bin bags outside should help tone up your arms and shoulders and with the smell and impending bin juice leak this should get you moving fairly swiftly too.

Exercise Benefits: toning arms and shoulders

50-90 kcal


What better way to work up a sweat than having a good old fight with a bed sheet and lugging about a Henry Hoover? Dust your telly, hang up your washing, clean your windows and say goodbye to dirt and grime, whilst burning calories at the same time. You should be able to get in at least 6-10 reps per chore. Maybe more for the bath and down the back of the TV and the biggest fat burner is usually the oven coming in at around 40-50 reps per clean.

Exercise Benefits: Fat burning and toning

100- 550 kcal per clean


When making tea, put your kettle as far away from the sink as possible. Put the tea bags in another room and the milk outside. This way you are working harder for your tea break.

Exercise Benefits: Fat burningĀ 

40-50 kcalĀ 


Try not to go to the toilet as soon as you need it, instead hold it in for as long as you can. Ideally, until you feel the need to run for the nearest bog. NOTHING will get you moving quicker.

Exercise Benefits: fat burning

50-200 kcal – Depending on how badly you need to shit

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