sober sobriety alcohol free club soda

sober sobriety alcohol free club soda


Since trying to cut out the booze, I’m finding myself in Ikea more and more. I knew I needed to kick the drink when I contemplated feeding my cat Baileys so I didn’t have to drink alone again. Since then I am always on the lookout for more sober based activities.

Thankfully most homeware stores are open late and to avoid the pub, I’m using it as a refuge. Sometimes on a Friday night B&Q really get the tunes pumping so you can have a bop whilst you shop and then go onto Ikea’s restaurant. After you’ve brought your fake plants, rugs and photo frame’s what better way to celebrate your new home buys than with a few meatballs?

Unlike a club or bar, there’s no entrance fee, it’s usually quiet as most people are at said bar/club. You control a trolley rather than being trollied. You spend money on stuff you need and want rather than too much wine. You go home with loads of new stuff, rather than a drunken mistake and you wake up the next day surrounded by new homeware rather than a headache and a feeling of impending doom. I always leave with my dignity, well except for the time when I got overexcited and loaded the equivalent of a forest onto my trolley only to get to the cashier and find I had left my purse at home. He watched as I sheepishly put it all back.

If you are single I think you will have more chance of pulling in a homeware store as you already have something in common. My mate met her husband in B&Q she went in to buy new flooring and he ended up laying it for her.

I am trying to find more and more reasons to go. I jumped with joy recently when our ceiling started leaking. One particularly desperate weekend I spent the afternoon searching the house for thing’s that weren’t working, I managed to find a bulb and the TV remote needed batteries. I also smashed a couple of plates and off we went!

If you were on a night out you would probably move between a few bars and you can do the same with home stores. Ikea is open till 10pm most night’s so I would suggest starting at Homebase or Dunelm, moving onto B&Q and then finishing up at Ikea.

If you have no reason to visit a homeware store then ask your friends if they need anything and go with them. When you’re next at their home, sniff about for broken bits. I’m sure you will find lots of things that need to be added, replaced or fixed. You will know the store layout like the back of your hand by now so remember they need you.

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