• Look at Shane McGowan’s teeth on YouTube on a daily basis to remind you why you don’t drink 

    • When you get home whack on a mud mask. You’re going to be less likely to want to run to the shop for a bottle of vino when you have a face full of mud
    • Enjoy being a bit miserable. Like just make the most of it. At least it’s not 9 months and then you have to push a baby out at the end of it.
    • Spend the money you’ve saved on booze on feel-good treats like books, slippers and botox
    • Invent something. Come up with a new invention like Unicorn Tampons
    • Make a cool Wind Chime or budget Chandelier from all your empty bottles
    • Take pictures of your now sparkly clean and empty glass recycling bin and upload to Instagram
    • Get into nature, buy a book on local pub walks but just don’t go to the pubs.
    • Lock your phone in a safe each evening
    • Get rid of all alcohol in your flat/ house. Drink it up quick or if you don’t have time then give it to a close friend who you know won’t drink it and will give it back to you at the end of the month when you will really need a drink.
    • Start exercising or if not then use the money saved on alcohol to buy a nice pair of trainers and wear them around the house.
    • Meditate whilst chanting ‘’It’s only a month, it’s only a month’’
    • Avoid all social events like the Plague. If you can’t get away from them, then you could use all this extra time you now have to fake your own death.
    • Leave all Whatsapp groups
    • Buy a dressing gown and use it as Invisibility Cloak. Put it on and stay in.

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