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This week was a first for me, as this time, I was invited into a shop rather than a home. Usually I don’t need to shop for food and have only occasionally stalked the doors of Costcutter when I need a new fangbrush or some tampons (not for me but my victims, who might bleed profusely). This isn’t just any shop though, but a shop full of ripe, seasoned, spicy and sweet products scattered about the already deliciously vibrant wild showroom of Main Interiors, Bristol.


This shop is on fire (not literally otherwise I wouldn’t have entered as vampires don’t do well in heat) but in the Instagram sense (insert flame emoji) with everything being so stylishly on trend, it’s almost too hot to handle.

Main interior decor homeware

I am greeted by Interior Designer and shop owner Jasmine Main and instantly it all makes sense. With her devilish laugh, raven hair and captivating personality I am ready to turn my soul to the devil, dance amongst the flames and spend all the money I never have.


Jasmine shows me around the shop on the lower floor and then takes me up to the office which is overlooking the shop from a mezzanine balcony. Here her team of vampalicious ladies are working on various projects as well as on hand to offer any advice to décor thirsty customers, should they need it.

interior decor design

homeware interior decor

It’s nice to have the ‘behind the scenes’ engine or brain of the business right there in the shop – it makes you feel part of the whole thing. It’s personable and fun and there’s so much to take in my eyes can’t keep up and I’m feeling slightly dizzy. I take a seat on a luminous yellow chair and gather my no-breath. I’m over-indulged and need burping.

main interior decor homeware

The window display at the front of the shop is lit up by a florescent pink neon Main Interiors sign and a mural on the wall of a huge pink flamingo, created by the deadly talented Aspire Artwork (click for link to website)

mural decor interior

Under this a whole jungle of treasures, including a fuchsia pink velvet chair, gold candlestick holders, pink martini-shaped candles, rugs and other eclectic furniture. As you delve deeper into the shop there’s a leopard print chair, hot pink foot stool, colourful lamps and shelves laden with eccentric neck-knacks. Literally no space is left empty, it’s a buffet of stylish curiosities and delightful delicacies. A trifle of a shop with all its layers and hundreds and thousands on top.

interior decor homeware

Main interior decor homeware

Interior homeware decor

homeware interior decor

Even the stairs leading up to the open plan office are laden with mermaid bottle openers, colourful coasters and fridge magnets. The walls are covered in mirrors and also chairs, not to sit on but to admire, with colourful origami birds and various copper wire and cable ceiling pendants dangling from the ceiling there’s so much going on everywhere it’s one dwelling that I wouldn’t look out of place hanging upside down from the ceiling.

main interior homeware decor

main interior decor shop homeware

The central point of the office is the woodchip neon pink table, overlooked by their two stately Victorian ladies that remind me of my youth. The tiny kitchen fits in perfectly with its concrete cabinets, marble worktop and blue bottom cabinets that match the deep blue wall opposite. The concrete and the wood chip add a touch of industrial earthiness into this playful room.

interior homeware decor

interior homeware decor

Jasmine’s own office is neatly tucked away right at the back, where she is surrounded by items she has collected from various markets and vein-tage shops. Opposite her desk sits a huge purple headboard and a pile of pale pink vintage lampshades, and a selection of rolled up wallpapers. I photograph Jasmine at her desk in front of her mural of a Vladimir Tretchikoff portrait, where she is of course cradling her favourite piece, a black panther vase.

interior homeware decor

interior jasmine main homeware decor

Upon leaving, I ask Jasmine where she would prefer to die in the shop, to which she tells me ‘’In my pink velvet chair looking fang-u-lous holding onto my black panther for dear life’’. I feel the shop is making me delirious. I have gorged too much and so I leave Jasmine and her team amongst their vein-tage pieces and neck-knacks and with that, I fly into the night and back to the crypt to digest my Main Interior buffet.

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