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Since Covid-19 took over the world, nothing much has changed for me. As a vampire I never go out in the day anyway, as I would quite simply burst into flames. I am very accustomed to lurking in the shadows for long periods of time. It’s actually been quite comforting to watch human’s running from each other and not from me for a change. I can’t carry the virus as I am currently dead and have been for 300 years so I am probably one of the very few who are still getting the odd invitation. One such invite was to the vampalicious home of Anneka & Stephen aka @83renovation

They live in a house in Suffolk which they moved into in June 2018. When they found their dream home, Anneka said it was a complete mess, there was a huge hole in the middle of the living room floor, but they had a vision and knew they could turn it into their dream home. With Stephens building and carpentry skills and anneka’s eye for design they quickly went about structuring the downstairs and turning it into bold statement rooms.

It’s difficult to imagine looking at the pictures that this room was flooded with water, due to a build up of water from some dodgy guttering, which had caused a huge hole to appear In the middle of the floor that had weeds growing out of it!

interior decor home

decor interior home

interior home decor

decor interior home house tour

Anneka took inspiration from Abigail Ahern and painted the walls and ceilings to match, using Azure fusion 1 by Dulux. For the floor, they used OSB flooring which they then varnished. The floor is such a huge asset to the room, it creates a warm, rustic feel and compliments the dark walls and ceiling. The velvet sofa and the leather arm chair add to the luxurious feel of the room.


Arm chair: Vintage Chesterfield

When I ask Anneka which home products she would really like to sink her fangs into, she says she loves a statement art piece as it really completes the room. The feature wall in the living room is covered in pieces from Desenio and These Creatives.

interior home decor house tour

Leading through from the living room they have created a light and fresh dining/ kitchen area, which is also complete with a small utility room that is sectioned off by a deliciously fun Frida Kahlo beaded door from Okla Homa. The room has a holiday feel about it, a bright and sunny holiday, not like my winter weekends in Transylvania.

home interior decor house tour

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They’ve made great use of the space in this room with a spacious kitchen, bar and seating area and a dining area. The light bounces around the room from the French doors leading to the garden and the earthy green; Gardinia green by sanderson is used again on both the walls and ceiling. The mix of colours from the kitchen accessories and floor mat give it almost a Moroccan feel. The light wood of the tables and chairs matches the ceiling light which brings it all together. Utterly delicious. If I had to compare the downstairs to a human food, it would be a dark chocolate and pistachio treat!

kitchen sining area home decor house tour

They are still working on the rooms upstairs and I am hoping I will get an invite back to see these soon, but in the meantime I was able to take a peak at their newly decorated pink bathroom.

pink bathroom decor

The deliciously pink tiles are from Powdered Pink tiles from Topps Tiles

The shower screen is from but isn’t available anymore form here, however you can find a similar one at Victoria Plum

Upon leaving I ask Anneka which room she would prefer to die in and she says the bathroom and in the bath tub with all her plant babies. I make it back in time to shut the blinds and shove on some Netflix, till my next feed. Thanks for reading suckers!!

decor house tour home interior

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