For this feature, I have had to resort to inviting myself into my own apartment due to the lack of invites. This is to be expected, being a vampire. I brought The Stable to rent out as an Air BnB back in June this year and so far it’s played host to a vast variety of wonderful humans, all of which seem to have thoroughly enjoyed their stay. Obviously I am never present, I don’t think it would be appropriate for them to find me sleeping upside down in the cupboard. However, I am a huge fan of Cheltenham and now I have an excuse to visit whenever I want to. With 6 festivals a year and the races it’s the perfect place to pitch up an Air BnB so guests have somewhere special to go back to after a long day exploring.

To book The Stable, click here!

I really wanted to play around with colour and so made the most of each wall in the flat. I also had close to zero funds and so everything had to be done on a budget. I would have LOVED to have done a lot more, like change the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, rip out the carpets and put a new shower in but, for now, I have made the most of what I can afford and the rest will follow when budget allows. The red velvet sofa from is in my favourite colour, blood red.

I absolutely despise shower curtains but when I saw this pink dream I had to get it shipped over from Quiet Town in New York. It lights up the whole bathroom in a pink haze.

I wanted to continue the blood-red theme by adding the same colour to the bathroom door frame and I think it works really well against the nude wall.

The bathroom had to be pink with plants. My two favourite things for a  little bit of exotic glamour all year round.

I tried to give the place a slight horsey theme through-out the flat, due to the Cheltenham races. All the walls are covered in vintage racing posters and paintings of horses, including an image of the legendary Frankel.

I accessorised everything with Rebel Velvet decoration. Click here for all the products I used.

So I had to ask myself my signature question; which room would I like to die in? However, seeing as I am already dead, I guess the question would be, which room would I prefer to die in if I were to be stabbed through the heart with a wooden stake? I would have to say the living room/ bedroom on the red velvet sofa because at least I would die in style. You count say fairer than that!

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