We all do it. Procrastinating is the art/ disease of doing all that you can to avoid doing the task in hand. It often involves doing anything other than the task in hand, even chores and tasks you wouldn’t normally want to do to avoid having to do whatever it is that you should be doing at that moment.

I would say I have spent around 70% of my life procrastinating. I once RSVP’d to a party to say I couldn’t attend as I was in fact too busy procrastinating. I took up smoking to avoid going to the gym and I once built an enclosure for a caterpillar I found at random, so that I didn’t have to change the bed.

Thankfully there is now a new tool that can help you to stop procrastination quickly and abruptly in its tracks. It comes in the form of a bracelet that electrocutes you every time you do something you shouldn’t be doing.

Introducing the Pavlok Pro

The Pavlok will help to keep you inline for the fear of being zapped every time you reach for the crisp draw to avoid Yoga or when your online shopping to avoid emptying the dishwasher or masturbating instead of taking the bins out.

If you cannot afford to be electrocuted with Pavlok then you could purchase a water pistol and shoot water into your face instead.

I tried this and it does work, however, I would advise doing this with a small pistol and not a Nerf Super Soaker as this hurts when shot up close. You will spend the majority of the day soaking wet but, hey at least it will be productive.

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